House additions can be of many different forms, sizes, address and functions. You can build up, down, out or in any direction desired from your existing home structure. Here are some of the basics that you would need to know before you start your home addition.

House Addition Plans

Most of us have limited space and therefore try to maximize the little that is available.

  1. Think about all the ways you can expand the ground floor. This should be on the basis of whether or not you will be selling soon, later or never, it is also best to consider adding extra space to the ground floor so that as you age, you are less likely to be able to use the stairs. For a single level home this would not be a problem.
  2. Know that home additions will reduce your yard space and the shape of your home. Usually, most home additions are at the rear of the house, therefore the front view of the house will not be affected. A larger yard space will not pose a problem.
  3. For a small yard space you will have to determine the property lines so that money is not wasted . If your planned addition involves the use of most of the yard space , then consider using the all of the back yard which will give you a little more spacious addition.

Building Up (Second Story Additions)

This can be a little tricky in that the weather will have to be considered since a part of the roof will be open for a while. This can be a good addition for extra bedrooms, master bathrooms for a growing family. Sometimes building up can be far cheaper per square foot than building out because it does not require foundation building. Kindly note that this is not always the situation, therefore it is best to always consult builders or architects before the start of the construction.

Unforeseen Costs for Room Additions

With room additions there are always constant changes which can have an effect on the day-to-day budget. For instance you may need a bit more heat and air conditioning during certain times of the year, you may have to change the carpet and the furniture to match those in the new addition.

This should not affect your room addition plans but it would be good to consider the changes that will occur after the completion of your home addition. This is no way an indication that your house addition plans are wrong.

Best Recommendation

The best recommendation about house addition is to contact with home addition professionals from the start of your plan. Consult contractors, architects, builders and any other sub contractor whose expertise your require. Remember to be respectful of their time, especially if you have not obtained financing for your home addition which can be a long process.